DroidTick (English)

DroidTick is an Android app designed to transform your phone into a gamepad for games and emulators (Zsnes, Mame…) or a remote controller for video and music players (Winamp, VLC, Smplayer).

In this moment it is only available for Window and Linux, but MacOs version is in development

Droidtick allows you to simulate keyboard keys (A, B, Alt, Control, Enter…), multimedia keys (Play, Stop, Volume…) and up to four virtual joysticks, which will offer you a better gaming experience. You can create as many configurations as you need and connect different terminals, each one with a different configuration, allowing many players simultaneously.

Thanks to smartphone’s touch screen, Droidtick can create skins with any design and number of buttons, even using the accelerometer as a WiiMote or similar, being really useful for flight simulators and racing games.


Download Android APP:

Android app on Google Play

Download the server, depending on your operative system. If you are using Windows, optionally, if you want support for virtual joystick must download PPJoy.

Windows  (mirror) and PPJoy (mirror)

Linux 32 Bits

Linux 64 Bits

The Linux’s users need QT library:

  • ArchLinux pacman -S qt
  • Debian / Ubuntu  apt-get install libqt4-xml libqt4-network  libqtgui4
  • RedHat / Fedora yum install qt
  • OpenSuse zypper install libqt4
  • Gentoo emerge qt-core qt-gui 

Once downloaded, put it in the directory you want to use and open it.

If we get an error saying that virtual devices are not available and we want to use them, follow the instructions in the next videos (OPTIONAL):



Once the server is configured, open it and it will show your IP address:

This will be the IP address we have to introduce in our Android app, in Settings:


Both devices have to be in the same local network, so it is recommendable that your Android device is connected to WiFi.

Choose the skin you want to use and it will show you the configurations available, choose one and you can already start to play.

If you want to add new configurations go to server, press the skin you wish and press Add.

Once you click Close, configuration will be available.

Any doubt or suggest you can left a comment in this page.

  1. Mike-Urilorib
    18 febrero, 2012 en 9:04 pm

    My droidtick start acting weird today. It is doubling evey command. So, if I press 5 it makes 55, if I make click, it makes click click. Any ideas?

    • 18 febrero, 2012 en 9:43 pm

      Ummm… Try delete the config (droidtick.xml)

      • Mike-Urilorib
        19 febrero, 2012 en 1:42 am

        Didn’t work. Unisntall and reinstall everything. Still nothing.
        The only “different” thing I remember doing today was updating the java console. Could this be related to my droidtick problem?

      • 19 febrero, 2012 en 1:52 am

        What server edition you uses? Windows, Linux 32 or Linux 64?

      • Mike-Urilorib
        19 febrero, 2012 en 1:54 am

        Windows 7. 64

      • 19 febrero, 2012 en 1:58 am

        The new server don’t use Java… Tomorrow test the windows version in w7… But i didn’t change nothing…

      • 19 febrero, 2012 en 7:10 pm

        The new update solve the problem.

        Thanks for notice 😉

    • Mike-Urilorib
      20 febrero, 2012 en 1:11 pm

      Good. Solved.

      Now I noticed another funny thing. I’m using the commands + – / and *.

      When I press and hold + or * it makes a single input on the pc, witch is ok.

      When I press and hold / it makes a series of inputs (/////) until I release the button, witch is ok too, but is a different behavior than the previous one.

      And when I press – (minus) it does nothing. This command doesn’t seem to work.

      • 20 febrero, 2012 en 3:21 pm

        The minus button fixed. The /… I not undertant because don’t work correctly…

        I will release new update the friday. If you find new bugs, notice me.

  2. Ulrich
    18 marzo, 2012 en 12:31 pm

    Hello, I installed it and follow all instructions and the pad works on my files as a mouse. But the pad doesn’t work on nes emulator and games. I’ve already check on nes option controller. But it doesn’t work.

    • 18 marzo, 2012 en 12:36 pm

      You need configure the Nes emulator to use Nes Pad. Search “input config” in your Nes Emulator a mapped the keys.

      What Nes Emulator and OS use you?

  3. Zach
    14 mayo, 2012 en 8:50 am

    Does this app connect to a computer by bluetooth or usb?

  4. insan
    31 mayo, 2012 en 6:53 am

    i like this app.. very usefull, its posible to change the skin.. ??

    • 31 mayo, 2012 en 10:23 am

      Droidtick has five skins, and we will add news skins in nexts versions.

  5. insan
    31 mayo, 2012 en 10:27 am

    can we add our custom skins?? its cool if its possible.. 🙂 good work man..

    • 31 mayo, 2012 en 10:30 am

      Sorry, not possible to add skins. Each skin requires specific information on both the server and the Android.

  6. insan
    31 mayo, 2012 en 10:35 am

    its ok.. but can you help us to make our skin plug in to droidtick with donation upcourse 🙂

    • 31 mayo, 2012 en 10:43 am

      Um … I’m thinking and I think that if I could add a system skins.
      The system would have limitations, buttons of a certain size and should make a file with the position of each button. But you could do … Give me six weeks, we are now in the university exams.

  7. insan
    31 mayo, 2012 en 10:49 am

    i just need erase the text “nintendo” or “supernintendo” in the skins.. 🙂 i think is easy for you right? you dont need to add system skins.. just erase that.. and send me the app withaout the text.. the other is same.. button etc

  8. insan
    31 mayo, 2012 en 10:52 am

    only eliminates the nintendo logo 🙂

  9. insan
    31 mayo, 2012 en 10:53 am

    yes.. its for my gath event.. and nintendo is not our sponsor hehe..

  10. insan
    31 mayo, 2012 en 10:54 am

    can we talk in email?? my email is galeryluky@yahoo.com

  11. 2 agosto, 2012 en 2:19 am

    Hey I am so happy I found your site, I really found you by mistake,
    while I was researching on Aol for something
    else, Anyhow I am here now and would just like to say thank you
    for a tremendous post and a all round exciting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to go through it all at the minute but I have bookmarked it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a great deal more, Please do keep up the awesome job.

  12. 28 agosto, 2012 en 9:34 pm

    i get “udp port 9095” error on windows xp with digicom raw300 modem router, ho do I fix it?
    Additionally, can anybody suggest a nice ca driving game to test DroidTick to use my tablet as a steering wheel? Is it possible?

    • 28 agosto, 2012 en 10:34 pm

      You need open these port in your firewall.

      Yes, you can use the tablet as a steering wheel, you need use ppjoy mode and select Acelerometer Axe for direcctions.

  13. Manammal
    26 octubre, 2012 en 10:26 am

    Hello, it says that “IP not found. Are you connected? “on my droidTick server setup on my computer, but I am online.. Is there some way I can fix this?

  14. Alpha Tango
    9 diciembre, 2012 en 5:43 pm

    hi, gr8 job, have you thought about releasing a server for ANDROID machines? I have an Android Mini PC stick, it would be great to have my mobile as a client and my stick with its games (like MAME4droid) as a server. THanks again for all your efforts 🙂

    • 9 diciembre, 2012 en 6:23 pm

      I will release a Android Server Version, but I don’t kwon when… Sorry.

  15. mark
    20 enero, 2013 en 9:26 pm

    i followed all the steps and it does not connect at all, I type in my ip and it does not work.
    and my antivirus says that ppjoy is a virus, but I install annyway.

    what do I do, IM using a win7 pro 64 version

  16. mark
    20 enero, 2013 en 9:47 pm

    mark :
    i followed all the steps and it does not connect at all, I type in my ip and it does not work.
    and my antivirus says that ppjoy is a virus, but I install annyway.
    what do I do, Ip using a win7 pro 64 version

  17. Pasha
    9 marzo, 2013 en 4:22 pm

    Hi, is there a way to program several keys for one button.. eg CTRL+L.

    Thank you.

  18. crevetoon
    2 junio, 2013 en 3:14 am

    bluetooth!!!!! work on in! i will pay for it! good job miguel

  19. 1
    20 agosto, 2013 en 12:37 am

    The download for windows is broke. It says “temporarily” unavailable. It has been broke for days. This looks like a good application but it’s useless without being able to download the needed files.

  20. 123456
    3 octubre, 2013 en 5:55 am

    Can you add PPSSPP for this?

  21. just me
    19 diciembre, 2013 en 6:17 am

    windows mirror (@box.com) is not there. file is missing.

  22. Deepthroat
    19 enero, 2014 en 2:51 pm

    Will there ever be a raspberry pi server build?

    • 19 enero, 2014 en 3:01 pm

      Sorry. The actual version don’t build for ARM. The next version with QT5 will avalaible for Pi.

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